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Dr. Sina Pharmaceutical Co. Herbal Products From Nature

Salamat Gostare Jamil with the business brand name of Dr. Sina is one of the leading manufacturers of herbal medicines in I.R.Iran. The company with the cooperation of the Academic Center for Education, Culture & Research medicinal plants research center, by using new technologies based on international standards has made significant progress in manufacturing health-related products.

This company producing its raw materials, by organic implanting of native medicinal plants of Iran, which are free from any pollutants and heavy metals, has been able to make a major contribution to the production of herbal medicinal products.

The three major groups of products manufactured by the company are herbal tea, herbal medicines and herbal products manufactured at the Institute of medicinal plants(IMP). At the moment, 50 faculty members and researchers and three specialized service centers in the fields of analysis, formulation, seedlings, seeds, medicinal products, herbal medicine and Business incubator are active in IMP.

The company uses a complete and standard evaluation system for quality monitoring. In this system, precise and continuous controls are carried out at all stages, from the time the materials arrive until the final product, in the quality control labs and the quality assurance department of the company, which is one of the reference laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health. All processes are designed and implemented in accordance with GMP standards and WHO rules.

Exploiting new technologies and up to date knowledge, has made it possible for the company to achieve the highest quality in its products by providing its customers with competitive prices in their business contracts and purchasing pharmaceutical products.

With the export of products to various countries of the world, including Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, it has been regarded as one of the most distinguished export companies in Iran.

The CEO of the company is Dr. Seyed Gholam Reza Maleki, university professor and owner of the brand who holds a major diploma in homeopathy.

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